VCC - $50 Balance

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Virtual Credit Card with $50 Balance! 

Comes with one VCC with a $50 balance connected to it. 


What are Virtual Cards?

Virtual Cards are unique, disposable, private cards created in the amount you specify, in this case $50. They are real MasterCards that function like a pre-paid gift card that you create on the fly as you shop. Use Virtual Cards whenever you're uncomfortable giving out your real card information.


What billing information should I enter into the website checkout form?

In order for a charge to successfully post, you do need to use our billing address with Virtual Cards:

280 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210


Can I use a Virtual Card for more than one transaction?

As long as there's enough funds remaining on the Virtual Card, you can use it for multiple transactions until the balance is fully spent. We simply recommend that you use Virtual Cards for one transaction each as a safety precaution to avoid being overcharged by merchants.


•Since we want to make sure the VCC works when you receive it, we need to manually check the cards prior to sending. So we will email you the VCC within 24-48 hours after purchasing. You will NOT receive the VCC right away after purchasing.

•No warranty with these cards! To make it very clear, when buying, you agree to these terms and that there WON'T be ANY warranty whatsoever. 

•VCC out of stock or want to buy in bulk? Contact us on Skype or Discord:

•Skype: live:59933b79357fc0c

•Discord: SkyHF#1429

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